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Caring for a Kinder Stud

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

StudFast ® studs are safer, kinder, and easier to put in as they are made of a less punishing material than metal. The flip side of this is that while you're less likely to damage yourself, your horse, and the thread in your horseshoe, you are more likely to damage the studs themselves. Our patented polymer stud is less hard-wearing than the steel alternative, but there's no reason they can't last if you look after them as best you can.

The longevity of StudFast ® studs depends on so many factors- the size and weight of your horse the intensity and demand of the activity and whether you ride over abrasive surfaces. To ensure your studs last longer, StudFast ® recommends avoiding abrasive and solid surfaces as far as possible. Not just because this will cause more wear to your StudFast ® studs but, as is the case with metal studs, it is also not great for your horse as it unbalances the natural footfall. If you must walk on such surfaces go slowly and dismount where possible, and you may find your StudFast ® stud wears more than a traditional metal stud.

Polymer Studs

We advise cleaning your studs after each use, as mud and grit might cause wear to the threads when you next try to apply them. Our suggestion is to use some warm soapy water. The good news is that it does not matter if they are left in a bucket of water for a week because there is no chance of rusting and you will not need to go through the messy process of oiling your studs before use. Our only warning is to be careful that your horse or pony does not confuse them for a small piece of carrot. Aside from being unimpressed by the taste, they don’t hold any nutritional value.

If the studs do not come into contact with abrasive surfaces and are threaded correctly in stud holes which have been cleaned out properly, your StudFast ® studs should last many uses. After three years of testing our prototypes on a number of ground conditions, we estimate that they should last many uses. Unlike metal studs, they will not erode through rusting. And because of our vivid orange brand colour identity, they are much easier to find when you drop them in the long grass or mud!

Whilst we have not experienced breakages in our trials, after frequent use, our technical expert tells us that they may be more prone to snapping at the base. In the unlikely event that a stud snaps on the first use then we will offer a refund.

As well as saving horses and riders from pain and discomfort, we also pledge to save the planet. Our studs are recyclable, and we use compostable and biodegradable packaging.

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