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Horse Healing Powers

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

In a heartwarming and inspiring account, Psychologies brings to light the profound impact of equine therapy and the healing power of horses. The article delves into the journey of individuals who have experienced a therapeutic bond with horses.

Equine Therapy

Equine–Assisted Therapy

Equine therapy is a form of experiential therapy that involves interacting with these magnificent creatures as a way to boost emotional healing and personal growth. The article reports on the touching stories of people facing challenges, from physical disabilities to emotional trauma, finding solace and strength through their connection with horses.

One such story narrates the remarkable journey of a young woman named Jo. Struggling with a combination of challenges in her personal life, Jo’s life took a positive turn once she was introduced to the wonders of equine therapy.

‘When I got close to the horses, I had an immediate urge to sit down in front of the biggest horse with my back to him…No sooner had I sat down, when I felt a warm, heavy muzzle resting on top of my head. Tears started to flow and I stayed in this position – as did the horse… I left with a profound sense of self-trust during a time when I felt vulnerable to the core.’

Equine therapy

As reported by David Block, even experts and people with disabilities believe the evident benefits of equine therapy are indisputable. Riding is a “3-dimensional movement” which provides disabled riders the same neuromuscular pathway simulation that is given when you walk. It is also used to assist people who have autism. It has remarkable effects on riders with some accounts entailing how children who have never spoken before gradually begin to talk after a few riding lessons. Horses are highly-perceptive animals which allows them to connect with people who find it hard to communicate with others.

Another account of its application is within the HM Prison on The Isle of Portland, in Dorset. Under Harriet Laurie’s guidance, the prison had been using horses to help prisoners improve their life skills and better deal with emotional and behavioural difficulties. This program was extremely successful and found that it significantly improved the prisoners’ communication, empathy, and patience.

With time, through the kind and gentle interactions with the horses, Jo was able to regain a sense of calm and purpose. This sense of self-realisation seems to be a recurring theme with most individuals partaking in these life-changing sessions. The trust and communication fostered within these therapeutic sessions have a profound impact on improving the participant’s well-being. The unconditional love and acceptance offered by the horses create an environment that encourages healing and self-discovery.

A Science-Backed Miracle

Science suggests that due to horses being animals of prey, they are capable of picking up the most subtle emotional and energetic signals. This helps us connect more with our creative emotional brain as opposed to fixating on our rational left brain where we carry feelings of anxiety and negative thinking. Communicating and developing a unique relationship with horses pushes us to reframe our perception of ourselves and those around us.

From overcoming mental illnesses to healing emotional wounds, equine therapy has a profound impact on people as it transforms their lives for the better. As we continue to explore its benefits, we are reminded of the incredibly special bond humans and horses share.

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